Levin hiihtokeskus


January is in the season called Heart Winter. This time of year offers wonderful snowy scenery and you can even see a pink sky. At the beginning of the year, there are usually the hardest freezing temperatures of the year.

In January, the slopes are already in full use and offer wonderful skiing opportunities for skiers of different skill levels. Levi’s ski season usually lasts from October to May, so you can enjoy skiing for more than half of the year.

January is a popular travel time in Levi, so there are also many activities and events available in the area. So you should book your accommodation in time, so that you can enjoy the activities you want near a destination you like.


February is also in the heart of the winter season, and the sun starts to appear more and you can enjoy the light for longer.

This month, the slopes are perfect for cross-country skiing. Levi has up to 230 kilometers of well-maintained trail network and 28 kilometers of lighted trails. There are several cafes along the ski trails, where you can warm up and taste the delicacies of Lapland. On Levi’s trail map, you can find all cross-country skiing trails clearly marked.


At the end of March, the winter of the heart changes to the season of hanki stock. The amount of light continues to increase and the embers sparkle in the sunlight.

For example, try ice fishing on Levi’s numerous waterways. Ice skating is every man’s right, but in Levi you need a separate permit for Immeljärvi and Pyhäjärvi. In addition to independent ice-skating, you can go on an ice-skating safari organized by Lapland Safaris.

If you want to try winter cycling, Levi offers a great setting for it. You can go winter cycling independently by renting a wide-tire fat bike or book a guided bike tour.

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When April arrives Lapland is slowly starting to move towards spring. Nature is starting to wake up from its winter sleep and the days are longer and warmer. You can still enjoy the winter days on the slopes and skiing trails.

You can also take part in various excursions while enjoying the sun. For those who crave speed, husky safaris and snowmobile safaris offer unforgettable experiences in the beautiful nature of Lapland.


May is the transition period from winter to spring. The snow cover melts and nature comes alive after winter. In May, the landscape becomes more spring-like and the flowers bloom, but there may still be snow in the higher areas.

You can enjoy the awakening of nature during your hiking and camping vacation. Levi offers countless outdoor opportunities for hikers of all levels. It’s good to note that there can still be cool days and nights in May, so remember to dress for the weather and make sure you have up-to-date information on local conditions before going outside.


The season of the nightless night begins in June. This month you can admire the green nature and the wonderful summer landscapes of Lapland. In the north, summer temperatures vary and sometimes there are cool days. Nightless night, however, offers outdoor activities even in the middle of the night.

Cycling is suitable as an activity around the clock. You can choose mountain biking or go to Levin Bike Park’s tracks to have fun. Buy a Bike Park package from the Bike Park rental office, which gives you a downhill bike, protective equipment and a lift ticket.


In July, the season of the nightless night continues and you get to experience Levi’s summer at its best. There is enough light around the clock, so you can continue doing things even into the night.

There are activities for every taste, try fishing, for example. Levi is known for its good fishing opportunities and you can go on a fishing trip to the area’s lakes or rivers and try your luck at catching a catch. Remember to get a fishing license and follow local fishing rules. Try fishing in Ounasjoki, for example, where you can catch grayling and, with good luck, even catch a trout.

In July, Levi organizes various events and festivals. You can enjoy music, culture or sporting events that bring life and entertainment to the area.


August falls into the harvest season, when the beginning of August can be considered summer, but the end of it autumn. The nights begin to turn darker as the moon advances.

There is an adventure park in Levi, where you can test your courage with different rope courses and obstacles. The adventure park is suitable for both children and adults. There you can find, for example, 63 different tasks and a Base jump that reaches a height of 12 meters.

August is also the best time for picking berries, picking mushrooms and hunting, which you can do in the beautiful nature of Levi.


September is the season of autumn colors and it is one of the highlights of the year in Lapland. It’s fairly fresh outside and the trees and plants are starting to change color. The landscape is filled with wonderful yellow, red and orange tones. Levi offers a beautiful setting to enjoy the splendor of autumn colors.

The autumn colors time time is suitable for hiking, camping and photography. Then you should also try horse riding, so you can see the colors of the fall from the back of the horse.

September is also a good time for relaxation and pampering. The spa operating in connection with Levi Hotel Spa offers relaxation in pools, saunas and massages.


In October, season of the first snow begins at Levi, when Lapland gets a beautiful snow cover. This month you can enjoy both summer and winter activities.

Levi also offers a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious food and drink. Try local specialties or discover international flavors.


November is also the first snow season. In November, winter activities can be experienced in a variety of ways.

Try winter activities like snowshoeing. For example, book a guided snowshoe trip to the top of Levi to admire the majestic panoramic views. If you don’t own snowshoes, you can rent them from Levi’s numerous equipment rental companies. Did you know that during the winter, Levi’s peak is a world-famous photography destination?


The last month of the year is a time of kaamos. Kaamos means the period when the sun does not rise above the horizon at all. At Levi you can experience the real kaamos, because the real kaamos only occurs north of the Arctic Circle. In December, the frost starts to intensify and the shadow creates a mystical and atmospheric atmosphere.

Levi ski center offers many activities. You can participate in a ski school, for example, if you want to learn a new sport or improve your technique.

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