The villages of Ylläs and Levi – the heart of the ski resorts stay vibrant regardless of the time of day and season!

There are so many things to experience in the villages of Lapland. On this page we have gathered all the information about the events in Ylläs and Levi, as well as things that every visitor should know.

We are actively updating the page and adding information to make your stay as safe and smooth as possible!

Useful stuff to read

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Traditionally in Finland there are four seasons, but in the Ylläs area you can experience up to 8 seasons.

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What activities does Levi offer throughout the year?

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Accommodation in Levi

Levi offers variety of different accommodation options, such as cottages, holiday apartments and homes, and hotels.

Levi for children – Lapland with the whole family

Levi is a popular tourist destination in Lapland for the whole family all year round. Read tips for traveling with children in Lapland!

Lapland tourism insights for year 2024

Year 2024 is to be a strong year for tourism in Lapland. We compiled Lapland's tourism trends, which are predicted to be coming in 2024.