Ylläksen 8 vuodenaikaa



Midwinter takes place in January to Februarywhen Ylläs has the coldest temperatures. At this time of the yearyou can move more calmly in nature or even go skiing on the slopes in milder weather. 

Ylläs offers an excellent setting for skiing, as it is one of the largest ski centers in Finland. On the south side of Yllästunturi is the Ylläsjärvi slope area and in the north is the Äkäslompolo slope area. Ylläs has a total of 62 slopes, and the longest of them are even more than two kilometers long. Also check out Ylläs slope map. 

Another must-do activity in winter is to experience snowshoeingSnowshoeing offers the opportunity to feel the magic of winter naturebecause with snowshoes you can choose the route you takeYou should also consider booking a guided snowshoe tripwhere you will learn a lot about Lapland from the guide. 



In the spring and winter, the sunlight starts to flood over Ylläs, so it is also a perfect time to spend days on the slopes, trails or nature walks.

You can also spend time ice fishing. Yllästunturi lakes usually melt in May, so in March-April you can enjoy ice skating while the sun rays hit the snow beautifully. You can ice skate in the beautiful landscapes of Kesänki, Luosu, Pyhä and Rautujärvi, for example. Lapland Safaris also offers an ice-skating safari where you can take a sled to the best ice-skating spots.

Is ice swimming already one of your hobbies or is it a new acquaintance? Whichever it is, you should definitely try it in Ylläs as an addition to the sauna. Many holiday homes have their own sauna. Here you can find accommodation options in Ylläs.

At Ylläs, there are also opportunities to experience completely new types of sauna and outdoor experiences. For example, at the top of Yllästunturi you can find the highest sauna in Finland and the world’s only gondola sauna.

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In the spring, the snow cover of Ylläs melts and nature starts to turn green. On sunny days, you can enjoy skiing on the spring slopes, bird watching when the birds return to the north, or even play frisbee golf.

Spring is also a great time for hiking and camping because of the fresh weather. Ylläs has nature trails for every taste, from demanding to easy trails. In the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, you can for example find Varkaankuru trail, which is a 3.5-kilometer easy route, and the Pirunkuru trail, which is a moderately difficult 8-kilometer route. You can find all outdoor routes on the Ylläs outdoor map.

When the snow melts, ice fishing changes to fishing. Ylläs offers the best fishing spots in Lapland, as Ylläs has several lakes, rivers and streams where you can test your skills. If you want guidance on fishing, you can book a guided fishing trip or a fishing course. Remember, as a fisherman, you have an obligation to find out about the fishing area and its rules.

Nightless night


The season of the nightless night is celebrated in July-June. Then you can enjoy the midnight sun, forget about sleeping and go out to admire nature. Summer nights in Ylläs are usually pleasantly cool.

In summer, kayaking is a good choice for a sunny day activity. There are several kayaking routes in Ylläs. For example, the Ylläsjärvi recreational kayaking route is a little more than 11 kilometers long, a moderately difficult route. In addition to independent paddling, you can also book a paddling excursion.

Mountain biking is a suitable summer activity for those who need speed. Ylläs and its 7 fells give cyclists of all levels the opportunity to experience the joy of cycling in a variety of ways. Ylläs has been chosen as the best mountain biking destination of 2019. If you don’t own a mountain bike, you can reserve one from, for example, the Sport Corner Ylläs rental company.

Ylläksen 8 vuodenaikaa



During the harvest time, the nights are already cool, but the days are warm. This time is the time of picking berries, picking mushrooms and hunting. Have you ever been to a blueberry patch where you can stand up straight and pick blueberries? This is possible on the fell slope of Pallas-Ylläs! You can pick up cloudberries from the swamp areas and mushrooms can be found all over the forests of Ylläs.

In the first dark evenings of autumn, the wonderful displays of the northern lights begin, which you can enjoy directly from the accommodation. If you don’t have a good view from the yard of the accommodation to watch the northern lights, head for example to Tuomikuru hut or Äkäslompolo beach, both of which have a perfect view of the sky. You can also book a guided northern lights excursion.

Autumn colours


One of the highlights of the year at Ylläs is the autumn colors, which are at their best in September. During the autumn season, the weather is suitably fresh to go outside admiring the play of colors.

If you like to photograph, autumn is perfect for that. Jylhä Pakasaivo is a true photographer’s dream destination. Pakasaivo is the second deepest water in Northern Finland. Another great photography destination is Lake Kesänkijärvi, where you can go to take photos, for example, by rowing boat, canoe or go hiking along its shores.

Another activity to enjoy autumn is trail running, along with which you can enjoy the beautiful colors of the forests. If you want to challenge yourself, you can run from Äkäslompolo to Ylläsjärvi, which is the most challenging trail running route in Ylläs. In total, this route is 20 kilometers long and has a total ascent of 800 meters.

Ylläksen 8 vuodenaikaa

First snow


In October-November, Ylläs gets its first snow, when night temperatures drop to freezing and in the morning the ground is in frost. However, you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun during the day.

In winter, at the time of the first snow, an experiential activity is a visit to a reindeer farm or a reindeer ride. Did you know that reindeer riding on a sleigh is a traditional mode of transportation in Lapland? Go and feel the atmosphere of a reindeer farm and the charm of a reindeer ride.

Cross-country skiing is a popular activity in Ylläs at winter. There are up to 330 kilometers of skiing trails in Ylläs, so there is plenty to choose from. The skiing trails of Ylläs are maintained from October to the beginning of May. You can go skiing on your own or book a guided excursion.



Darkness comes in Ylläs in December, the daylight decreases and the sun’s rays remain few. Kaamos time is the perfect time to travel to Ylläs if you want to enjoy the glow of the fireplace and the mystical atmosphere.

During the rainy season, you can go snowmobiling on your own on the wonderful fells of Ylläs. There are 410 kilometers of marked snowmobile trails in the Ylläs area. You can ride a snowmobile right to the top of Yllästunturi to eat or book a guided sled safari.

A popular activity is the husky safari. In winter, you can ride the huskies on a sled.

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