Put your cabin to work

Do you want to make money by renting out your holiday home?

Let us take care of it!

Our service concept includes professional photography, styling ang both virtual and video presentation. The whole package is tailor-made for you! Rent out your holiday home with an ease with our high-quality visibility on the industry’s most popular rental portals!

If needed, we take care of everything from the start to the beginning. From handing over the keys to final cleaning and complaints according to a separate agreement. Find everything you need under one roof!

Explore our service packages:

Virtual tour

A 3D camera helps you explore the holiday home anywhere, anytime.

In addition to taking pictures of your apartment we are also filming a whole virtual tour around the property. The camera is transported through the holiday home, and 360 images of the premises are taken from carefully planned shooting points, which forms a virtual tour. The camera also has lenses for sloping up and down, allowing rooms to be explored from top to the bottom.

This allows you to get to know the holiday home comprehensively: change rooms from the 2D floor view, get to know the details, feel the views from the window – you name it. And best of all, completely at your own pace.

Professional photography

Quality photos are the basis of a good rental, which is why we invest in it. A professional photographer can bring out the best aspects of a cottage to a holidaymaker. We have the expertise and top-of-the-line equipment of three professional photographers.

The photographies includes:

  • Drone aerial photos
  • High quality exterior images
  • Hotel-level interiors
  • Photos with an ambience

Maximum reach

The visibility of your accommodation is everything when it comes to productivity. With a digital marketing agency, a carefully designed personal marketing style arouses interest.

Little streams form small rivers:

  • Utilizing a digital marketing agency to help you to reach the maximum visibility and to get the maximum profit for renting out your accommodation for holidaymakers.
  • Our destinations are in the most popular sales channels in the industry.
  • Customized marketing plans

Styling service

An interior designer will bring out the best of your vacation home in photos and ads. A service that has proven to work in real estate is also now finally utilized in holiday rental.

Styled apartment:

  • More interest
  • Stands out from the mass
  • Brings out the best of your vacation home

Furnishing service

If necessary, we can offer you a service where the interior designer will go through furnishing your apartment.

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